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~ The Overlord battling Lloyd Garmadon.

The Overlord is the overarching antagonist of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, serving as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Lord Garmadon) of Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja and the main antagonist of Season 3: Rebooted.

He is an immensely powerful evil being who is the archenemy of the First Spinjizu Master, the manifestation of darkness, the source of evil in all of Ninjago, and the creator of the Stone Army.

He was voiced by Scott McNeil.

His Evil Ranking

What Makes Him Close to Being Pure Evil?

Legacy of the Green Ninja

  • In the past, he created an army of Stone Army and waged a war against the first Master Spinjitzu, which eventually split the world of Ninjago in two.
  • He cleverly manipulated Garmadon was stuck on the Island of Darkness, and after Garmatron was completed, he attempted to kill Garmadon's son, Lloyd Garmadon, by forcibly taking the body of Garmadon.
  • He came to Ninjago City and attacked it indiscriminately, showing the sadistic side of enjoying causing death and destruction.
  • He corrupted numerous citizens of Ninjago and several ninja in an attempt to slow the heroes down.


  • Resurrected as a computer virus, he infiltrated Cyrus' database, seized the network of Ninjago City, spread chaos across the city, and turned Cyrus into a killer cyborg in a very torturous fashion as shown by how loudly the latter screamed in agony.
  • Started a manhunt on Lloyd for his golden power and, after his minions kidnapped the ninja, drained most of it.
  • As he absorbed his gold power, his men raided Ninjago City and tried to brutally kill the Ninja who entered the digital world.
  • While he let Cyrus Borg go (and didn't even try to hurt or kill him) after becoming the Golden Master, it wasn't out of any genuine concern for him, especially since after that, Borg was left disabled and forced to watch what was happening to his city.
  • After gaining a new body, the Overlord wore golden armor made of melted golden weapons and tried to take over Ninjago City in earnest, which caused great damage to Ninjago City, eventually forcing Zane to turn himself into a cryogenic nuclear weapon and sacrifice himself to stop him.
  • WoG stated that Overlord would've eventually betrayed Pythor, proving that the Overlord held no genuine compassion or attachment towards Pythor and only respected him for his malicious and cunning nature.

What Prevents Him From Being Pure Evil?

  • Unlike other Ninjago villains, he has no moral agency because he was created from evil. But since he has a sadistic personality, this is just a minor prevention.


  • Although he lacks moral agency, he is nonetheless considered one of the most evil villains in the Ninjago franchise. And, along with the Overlord, 4 of the most evil villains in the Ninjago franchise are Master Chen, General Vex, the Omega and Kalmaar.


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