In this wiki, you find a number of villains who almost made it into being Pure Evil, with only minor preventions that hold them back. The main purpose of this wiki is while Pure Evils are truly awful individuals, that does not mean villains who aren't Pure Evil are not as dangerous, and despite the fact that these villains may have a few redeeming qualities that does not mean they're redeemed to be good, as doing evil for Near Pure Evils is as natural as breathing with doing good being unnatural for them.

For information about the good counterpart of these villains, see the Near Pure Good Wiki.

President Snow portrait.jpg

President Snow is the main antagonist of The Hunger Games trilogy and the film quadrilogy of the same name.

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MrHat villain MrHat villain 5 hours ago

Near Pure Evil Proposal: HIM from The Powerpuff Girls

Who is he and what he done?

HIM is a villain from the animated series The Powerpuff Girls, he is a demonic villain who l…

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MrHat villain MrHat villain 1 day ago

Near Pure Evil Proposal: Yakumo Oomori/Yamori/Jason from Tokyo Ghoul

Who is he and what he done?

Yakumo Oomori or also known as Yamori is a major antagonist in the anime Tokyo Ghoul, he wou…

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